Glass and grilles

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Energy Star

Profenex uses energy-efficient insulated glass. We demand the highest quality, and nothing less.

Profenex uses SWISSPACER UltimateMD, the next generation of warm edge spacer bar; and the best in the world.
Swisspacer has the best thermal performance on the market. In addition, it prevents insulated gas from leaking out and moisture vapour from forming inside the sealed unit.
Thanks to this process, our insulated glass will maintain its original quality for many years. (Available in several colours.)

Windows made with the Sungateᴹᴰ 400 Low-E glass will provide you with better comfort in many ways. This top-quality glass will keep you warm on cold winter nights, and cool on hot summer days. Plus, it doesn’t alter the benefits of natural light in any way


Types of grilles and configurations

COLOURS: White, silver, gleaming brass, pewter, combinations, and much more!
DESIGNS: Georgian, tubular, square, rectangular.

Types of grilles and configurations

Types of grilles and configurations